Lost full content of Share Folder and Safepoint


Yesterday I lost a whole content of my main custom share folder on My Cloud 3Tb and simultaneously all data on my Safepont backup drive (sic!) (3Tb).

Previously I have noticed that My Cloud frequently disconnected itself from my home network. Thus I had to reboot it by detaching power supply. There was also a problem with recognition of my USB external storage attached to My Cloud (Safepoint drive).

Finally I did a Safe Factory Restore and I switched my main share folder setting from public to private. While doing that my main custom share folder disappeared from share list (Windows Explorer and web UI). When I switched back to public it reappeared again.

I think in this moment I noticed in Windos Explorer that in my main custom folder share sub-folder (huge volume - about 2.7TB) content became disappeared - there were files and subfolders there.

After certain time the share was emptied. There were only one folder (empty) and one sub-folder (empty).

I was struck dumb discovering that the Safepoint drive was also emptied. All folders remains in the root but they were completely empty!

As WD assures it was to be the safest protection for the My Cloud data!.
Thus I have lost almost 3Tb of precious data.

Today I contacted WD Support and they confirmed no data on the both drive. They, in the preliminary way proposed me an exchange (drive is on warranty) free of charge (after recovery attempt)! The final decision should be confirmed. They have advised me to contact recovery service company to retrieve the data. Of course they do not cover the fee.

They have not been able to explain why and how was it possible to loose the data from Safepoint drive.

I am extremely disappointed. In such case the whole WD idea of data security is totally untrustworthy. I will never be able to trust it and put on it any valuable data, any data.

I wonder wher if any of you have the similar problem.

I would be deeply thankful if you could furnish me with any potential cause of that disaster and if the lost data could be recoverable.

Thank you in advance and be careful, do not trust a Safepoint stability and security.

I wish I made a backup on a separate drive and not on attached to My Cloud one. Well, I wish I bought and used My Cloud at all.

Thank you in advance for any suggestion on the above.

there is no “Safe Factory Restore”, please clarify exactly what you ran here?

there seems to be a lot of issues with USB drives attached to the mycloud, I have never tried this as use the mycloud as a PC backup and for remote access

what if any Linux experiance do you have?

A few comments.  If you think you have lost your data.  Your first step is not to restore.  You need to ssh into the device.

you need to do ps -eaf command .  Check for samba.  If samba is not running you will not be able to see your file

from your PC or other devices.  It would be handy to know a few commands to be able to check your MY Cloud to see

if your files are really lost.  The df command shows what is mounted.  It’s like the left side of windows explorer showing

what disks are available.  The cd command which allows you to move to different folder.  The ls command to list files.

Or the ls -l command to list files with permissions and dates and size.

I probably missed a few commands.  But these should allow you to see if your files are really gone.