MyCloud Safepoint update rewrites all data

Hi peeps,

Just migrated from Netgear Ready Nas 102 to My Cloud 2TB and so far all is much, much better inc applications, however… My issue is, after numerous attempts to create a safe point, finally it backed up to my external WD 1TB passport. Approx 530GB.

This issue is when I went to update the back up; it seemed to complete 100% update, then seemed to revert to fully backing up the full 530GB again. From what I can guess is that it wiped the drive and started again? I did not waste time to test the integrity, but wiped the drive myself and recommitted to the backup.

Has anyone else had the same problem? Any fixes, patches?



Did you remove the external USB drive after making the initial Safepoint backup?

If so some have reported problems with the My Cloud not properly recognizing the reinserted external USB drive. In many cases no Safepoint is found on the drive which may cause Safepoint to start a new backup of the My Cloud. The cause for that particular issue is due to the My Cloud changing the name of the USB Drive share when it is attached to the My Cloud. More information on that issue can be found in the following threads, including ways to work around the issue.