Safepoint aaaaarrrrgghhhhh!

I have a 4TB My Cloud with a 4TB Hitachi USB connected drive. Original Safepoint created months back and periodically updated (manual initiation) successfully as I added new content to My Cloud. Recently the Safepoint process seemed to have stopped working. Now, when I access the WD Dashboard my safepoint definition is no longer there. But crucially, the data (all 3.5TB) is still preserved on my backup device.

So I could choose to create a new safepoint, but will that begin by deleting all of my backed up content first? Not sure I want to take that risk. Besides I know from experience that re-safepointing 3.5TB will take days! Right now I am manually keeping my Hitachi backup drive content synched with My Cloud. I suppose I could contine to do that. But is there a way to create the Safepoint definition (which I assume is soome kind of file catalogue) but without it physically recopying all of my content again?

Thanks for listening.


Check page # 92 of the user manual for information about Safepoints.

For more detailed information I recommend you contact WD Support directly.

Contact WD

I also had the issue of an attached USB with a safepoint on it not being recognized.  I created a new safepoint (with a different name) and after after it started the old one appeared in the dashboard.  I cancelled the new one and deleted it and the old one stayed.

I’m not sure if it was because I had disconnected the other drive or some other reason.