Safe point lost after creation and disk performance deteriorated


I recently activated safe points on my WD cloud. However, two important remarks came to picture:

  1. The disk (4 TB WD mycloud) bacame too noisy as if it is always scanning its content. Accessing the dashboard became extremely slow, the pie chart on the dashboard disappeared, and the media file categories kept showing a “scanning” status.
  2. When I checked the created safe point, the dashboard used to take ages searching for it. After few days, it became unable to locate it and is now reporting no safe points! This is so, while I can browse to the safe point folder on the HD where it is located.

Few pieces of info apply here:

  • The HD where the safe point resides is an external USB HD
  • The volume of the safe point data is about 1.3 TB
  • My data contain a lot of media (pics and videos) scattered in many folders
  • I activated daily safe point update

Because of the continuous operation of the cloud HD, I practically lost its function (became very slow). What I could do with a lot of patience is to access the settings, and switch off the media serving and iTunes serving, only then I could regain communication with the cloud disk.

Any idea what happened,
and how can I safely get the mycloud identify the existing safe point,
and how can I safely switch the media and iTune serving back on?

Hi there,

Try to restart the unit to see if this helps, you can also try to reset the device, here is a link that might help you with the reset process:

hope this helps.

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The USB port can be awfully slow. I think I achieved about 4MB/s. At that rate, it would take about 3.5 days to copy 1.3TB…

Others seem to get better performance out of the USB.

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Thank you @ArMak. Actually the disk power got disconnected by accident but it did not help… I noticed in the drive events log that the wifi link was lost probably during the safepoint daily refresh. I am not sure if this is related (the HD is USB connected).

Anyway, looks like I have to start a new safepoint all over again :sweat:. Thanks for your response.

I agree @cpt_paranoia, It took me almost 3 days to create a 1.3 TB safepoint, keeping in mind that I connected a USB3.0 HDD!