Solwise UMD-606N wireless adapter

Before I purchased my WD TV Live Hub (arrived today, very excited) I read this review (among others).

The reviewer tells us he used a Solwise UMD-606N for the wireless connection so, my router being a long way from my TV, I purchased one too.

However, it doesn’t work. It can’t find any wireless networks on auto scan and even manually configuring the SSID doesn’t work.

I can see on the WD site (where I suppose I should have looked first) that this device is not on the list of those supported.

So how did the reviewer get it working? Or am I just to buy something off the supported list (suggestions welcome) and stop believing everything I read.

And before you all start jumping up and down about not streaming over Wifi, I’m not. It’s so I can copy new media to it without walking across the living room with a USB stick because I’m lazy. :smiley:


If you’re presented with wireless setup options, then the hub is at least working with that adapter. It just means it’s not officially supported.

If the distance is too far, it may not be able to see it.

Don’t know for sure, depends when they did the review, if its not on WDs list then you won’t have much luck. I have read some people had certain Wifi adapters working prior to certain firmware updates.

A word of warning though, if we are talking about large files, or a large amount of files, forget wireless. Its quicker to stick them on a hard drive connect that and move them internally, or at least you can walk away and leave it and go on a weeks holiday or something. :slight_smile:

Best bet is to hard wire into the hub, makes messing about with themes, cover pictures and moving files a lot less stress free.

I wasn’t expecting such quick responses… Your comment about stopping working after certain firmware updates led me to download the latest update (released today by the looks of it!) and it’s working.

Marvellous and relief. I was just searching through the supported list…

I’ll see how I get on transferring files over wifi, but I’m pretty patient… I’m just about to hook up WD Discovery and kick off about 0.5tb copy. 

It’s bedtime here in London, so should be done by the morning.

Thanks both for responses.

Goodluck.  Hopefully the wifi won’t dropout.:smiley_cat:

Haven’t had any drop outs but it did take 28 hours to copy 600gb of movies and music to it :slight_smile:

The only time I’ll be using Wifi now is to copy newly ripped or downloaded media, so I’m happy with the solution.

The main reason behind buying this was streaming from the PC to the smart TV was great for low quality files but as soon as it was 720p or above you’d be lucky to get a whole 15 minutes without a pause, or losing lip sync.