Router / wireless usb


I’ve just bought a WD TV Live Hub from BB (bestby) and so far its working fine. However, i am kind of confused with the wireless networking part.  I took a look at the supported wireless usb adapters and understood that clearly, but however, i don’t get the router part. I didn’t see my router listed there and does that mean i can’t connect wirelessly even  if the wireless usb adapter is compatible? My router is D-Link  WBR-1310.

Also, is there any way of transfering all my files (videos, pic and music) to the media player’s internal 1 GB hard drive? The reason i want to transfer i cause i had my WD 500 GB hard drive for years now and i don’t want to lose all my data when it crashes on me.

Only two concern, other then that, its one of the best media player i’ve seen. Hopefully its going to work fine along with my new hp media smart server!

Most routers will work fine, so don’t worry about that. You can copy the 500 Meg drive to the hub by using the COPY function or SYNC function.

Sweet, can you do me a favor please. I need a cheap wifi card that works 100% without any doubt. My Netgear WG111V2 doesn’t seem to work. The reason i said cheap because i am saving up for a media smart server from hp.

Did you get around using Netgear WG111v2 ? 

There’s a Network subforum for this kind of thing. You might want to check in there.

Return the wireless USB adapter and get the Netgear universal wireless internet adapter(WNCE2001). It’s not much more than the USB adapter. It has worked flawlessly. I hope this helps.

How fast is your connection with the netgear? My adapter is working but slow 1.8 MB/sec. When I upload to the hub. from my MacBook.