USB wireless adaptor/dongle

Hi Group,

Just bought the WD TV Live, Awesome, no more burning disk

at the risk of sounding all 'Noobie’I am unable to directly link my TV Live to my modem via Ethernet cable simply because of different locations in the house (not Practical) I’ve been reading that a USB Network adapter can work and I do have a Wi-Fi Modem that currently runs my Iphone @home , two laptops and a Desktop all on win 7 Ultimate, as well as my printer (love Wi-Fi)

My WD TV Live Device was just purchased today 6 May 2011, I’ve updated the Firmware as well. I found the list of compatible USB network Adaptors, is this Current?

Also, does it need to connect to my Computer or my ADSL Wi-Fi modem? Pretty sure the Modem but just thought I’d ask :slight_smile:

so my major Question here is, what USB Network adapter will work with my WD TV Live (model Num: WDBAAP0000NBK-AESN) and with my ‘Thomson TG782T Wi-Fi Gateway’

This is WDs current list. Please pay attention to the version numbers of the wireless adapters. If you get a different version, there is a good chance that it will not work.

Approved devices

Here is another list that was posted by one of our members.

Supported adapters

As you thought, the wireless adapter connects via your wireless router. It then shows up on your network, and you can stream videos, photos, and music from other devices that are also on your network. Any adapter that is on the approved list should work. I have been using the Cisco/Linksys WUSB600N v2 with great success. Good luck!

OK, Thanks for that.

All I need to do is pick one from the list, make sure the the model number, Version/revision number matches and cross my fingers that it works with my ‘Thomson TG782T Wi-Fi Gateway’

Glad I live across the street from JB Hi-Fi and **bleep** Smith :slight_smile:


OMG Really, “Bleep” out the D*ck in the name DickSmith which is an Electronic shop in Australia and a big pusher of WD stuff ha ha that’s funny