WD tv live and wirless

I am 65 and have been buying wd drives and other products for years, spent oodles of money on your products and am at the point where I am about to go somewhere else.  This is my second wd hd media player over the last 2 yrs.  Your tech support calls to India or wherever they end up are awful, tech doesnt know their stuff and are hard to understand.

Why dont you add wireless wifi to your wd tv live since its very difficult to find a wireless dongle that works.  it would have been better to charge more and save us the headache and cost of trying to find a wireless for it.

After buying different  wireless dongles listed on your site, i get them home and its a new ver # and doesnt work.  I finaly ordered the buffalo wli-uc-g300n listed on your tested list and of course I received the G300n VER 1 from Newegg and to my surprise which of course doesnt work.  When you buy these they dont list new versions etc and we get stuck with these.

I have ask tech support if possible new firmware in the near future  would fix this and of course india tech says they know nothing about it.  SURPRISE.   I just need to vent since this could be the greatest product ever.

Thank You