Latest Firmware and lost wireless. Grr

Any ideas on how I should troubleshoot this. My wireless device is on the “approved” list and worked perfectly up until I did the firmware update. Now the device can’t see any networks. I’ve done a few factory resets and nothing. Reset my network too. Suggestions would be appreciated.

Are you sure that it is exactly the same as the one on the approved list with the same revision / firmware number etc. The WDTV only recognizes certain adaptor chipsets and sometimes the adaptor manufacturer keeps the same basic number but changes the internal chipset.

Yup, EXACTLY the same model and revision as on the approved list. As I mentioned before it was working great before the firmware update. I’m rolling back the firmware now, but I’m concerned since it’s been going for 30 minutes now with the WD logo screen. After some forum searching it appears that kind of delay could be a precursor for other problems.

All the way back to 208.13 and the wireless device started working perfectly again. BTW it’s a Belkin N150 and the specs match what’s on the approval list. So now the question is do I keep the Hub and risk being stuck at 208.13. 

This thing is a [edited]. Hours wasted. Back it goes.

I’ve got exactly the same problem. Upgraded to 3.x firmware and immediately lost wi-fi on a hub that had been working perfectly beforehand. I’ve tried two different dongles, both listed as supported (down to the exact revision) and both fully functional in 2.x. Upgrading to 3.x (I’ve tried several) kills wi-fi on both dongles; one won’t even see the network, the other sees the network but won’t connect.

I’ve fired off emails, complained here and heard not a peep from Western Digital. They really don’t care about their customers; once they’ve got your money, you’ll never hear from them again.

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