New firmware bricked my new device. Help!

I just purchased the device, and so far it has been nothing but problems. On my home network, it would not make a connection, despite the fact the the same connection works perfectly with any other device. I brought it to a friend’s house, plugged it in, and it’s on the network in no time flat. Same router model, same settings, no idea why it does that.

Now I have a much bigger problem though. After trying to upgrade to the new Firmware, it is a brick. It reset when I staretd the upgrade, and when it restarted, all I get is the WDTV Live Hub banner. Nothing else. At all. I allowed it a few hours to make sure it was not just taking it’s sweet time. Power cycle does nothing. Reset button does nothing. The only thing that works at all is power on and off, but it just comes right back to the same useless banner. Everything else is completely non-functional. Help!!!              

Either try to roll back or call WD for a replacement.