New firmware Version 3.09.18 is a disaster

Since  i updated to the new firmware i have problems!!!

I had to rest Live hub twice in 3 ddays because it couldn’t find the hard disk.Also i have setup suptitles manually .

Up to now i disn’t have any problems  .Do i have to rollback to previous firmware???

Please WD people do something about this!!!

Did you tried factory reset?

i tried factory reset twice in days.The hub wouldnt play any movie and wss saying no
internal memory
My question is "The hard disk is faulty or the new firmware?

Try rolling back

It’s been a disaster since some time in v 2.x

My machine no longer plays full video files. Except under some circumstances. Those circumstances being indeterminable from circumstances in which it won’t play full files.

I’m using my iPad with AirVideo for most stuff now.