Is Anyone Using the Newest Firmware and It is Performing BETTER Than the Previous?

Just to reassure myself that it isn’t me… any reports of the newest firmware improving things would be appreciated.

For me, 2.07.17 is more stable. I can actually watch a full HD movie on Netflix without the Hub crashing. 2.06.10 I couldn’t wait to get off that version, Netflix sucked for me in that version.

I have issues with Hulu in 2.07.17 crashing sometimes, but I can cut WD some slack for that. Hulu search doesn’t locate all videos or networks that are listed online. Wireless keyboard doesn’t work with Hulu searches, but work with other searchs such as Netflix, Youtube, Tunein, etc.

WD fixed the sync issue with A/V on M2TS files, happy with that.

Shoutcast works well, but can’t locate all stations that are listed online.

I don’t use Facebook, Blockbuster, Cinema now, Deezer, and Flingo, so I can comment on those.

For me 2.07.17 is a C+.

@Mediamaster thanks for the reply. That is interesting because Netflix is one of the things that performs worse for me with the current firmware revision.

What’s happening with Netflix?

Nothing now that I’ve rolled back to the previous firmware, but when I was running the latest Netflix would freeze and the device would become totally unresponsive.

Myself and 3 friends have the Live Hub, all upgraded to 2.07.17, all have roughly similar problems.

Also my Live Hub hasn’t been the same since I installed 2.07.17. I reset to factory and re-installed 2.06.10 several times, and the unit is still buggy.

That and a 24 page forum thread full of people having roughly the same problems should be indication enough to WD that this release was [Delete]. But so far not a peep. Just forum cencorship and some guy, who may or may not be a user, running interference in the forums and telling people everything is fine, and in some cases, blaming them for the problems, despite the number of people with issues.

All in all I would say that this pretty much shatters my impression of the product and the team behind it.

Poorly played, WD.

Fortunately the device still works well enough to not just toss it in the trash. Sorry to be negative but the situation is kind of dictating that. One can only hope that the reason WD is so silent is that they are feverishly working to fix the problems.

I hope you are right as well, it would be nice if WD had 1 official representative to occasionally shed some light on these issues in the forums. After Netflix inexplicably changed their UI for the live hub without warning last night I spent the morning looking at alternative media players, or perhaps building my own… but I have calmed down. Come on WD! Just fix it and we’ll all be singing your praises again.

Please guys, bear in mind that since Netflix updated their app to ver 3, they have full control over the interface. They can change the look at any moment without the need to download any update, and WD does not have any control on this, neither does any other player from any brand using Netflix app ver 3.

@oxster I know that one wasn’t WD’s fault. I had just been frustrated with other things and it was a pile on. As long as some of the bugs are addressed in the next firmware revision… its all good.

Thought I was one of the lucky ones as didn’t appear to have any problems

Unfortunately, not the case…

The whole system seems very unstable

If you flick thru an index or generally navigate / press remote keys quickly, the hub either freezes or re-boots itself

hi pals,

my experience upgrading to the newest firm is not posstive enought. It’s good to have the games, and the unlock option working well, but on th eother hand, when I play a dvd from a video_ts folder and play stop button, the box freeze and the reboots. It’snot happening when playing iso files.

I hope WD fixes this issue ASAP


Hang on

All seems ok now after a proper power down / up

Playing from a video_ts folder consistently causes the device to reboot if the Stop, Back or Home button is pressed. This does not seem to happen with an ISO file of the same content.

Generally speaking, it seems that 2.07.17 is slightly better and more stable than its predecessor. The biggest exception to the prior statement is the online firmware upgrade failure during the second phase. It has nothing to do with wireless Internet connections. Two hardwired WD TV Live Hubs both failed in the second phase of the online firmware upgrade. Downloading the firmware to a USB flash drive, changing the version number in the wdtvlivehub.ver file to something like 3.07.17 and running the upgrade from the fiash drive two seems to work.

FYI, because the .ver file contains a version number higher than the firmware image version number, the hub will repeatedly prompt that “New Firmware” is available until the USB flash drive is removed.