Issue with every firmware release after 3.01.19

The dreaded ‘folder contains no media’,  despite the fact that you were just watching something and mid way through an episode,  it craps out.

3.04 caused me to rollback, and the latest has a mention in the fixes which is a fix for the error message I mentioned,  when playing media in a folder which is inside an empty folder.

The problem exists in every version past 3.01.19

Now i’m content with my current firmware,  but it has a bug in which it can randomly forget to scan a whole bunch of files after a large transfer,  and so you end up with entire movies gone, if they begin with a certain letter (usually R for me), and that forces you to do a library clear.

Now all content is being played locally.  Nothing over the network,  but I want to stay with later firmwares but I can’t because I end up having to clear my media library over and over again.

I can turn off the media library feature, and use a later firmware,  but then I can’ favourite folders and would have to manually select the drive,  rather than the folder I wanted,  each time.

Does anyone else experience this?  Do you know a cause, if so,  a possible solution?

Thanks guys.

Not in my case Scotty

try reporting on the issues board to see if WD can duplicate this issue