Come on Western Digital, make a update to suport todays WIFI adapters!


I have no been on hunt for a working WIFI adapter for the WDTV Live for a while and many stores do not let one test the adapter so I have so far bought two WIFI adapters (D-Link DWA-140 ver2 and Belkin F5D8053ed ver Ver.6001ED) but none of them are working on the latest WDTV Live firmware!? And its not possible to downgrade the adapters or get older version (all are sold out long ago).

So really, make a update for the most common WIFI adapters pleas and maby we will continue to buy your mediacenter units.

I dont demand you to add all kinf off WIFI adapters, just the easy to get once like D-Link, Netgear and so on.


…or get one of the options from the WD store?

hehe yhea right I will not give Western Digital more money if thay dont take care of existing costumers. I do have a couple of WDTVs but not the newest(with WiFI). Its sead that WDTV Live should handle WiFi with USB dongels but thats just with USB dongles from 2000 or somthing.

Try a Tenda 11N Wirelss adapter.

I have been using one of these since the day I bought my WD TV Live something like 3 years ago.

It connects to my Wireless-G network without issue and performs well; I haven’t been able to hook it into my Wirelss-N, but I see no need to do so.  For the price, you really can’t go wrong.

I stream music (FLAC), movie (including DVD iso files), and use Internet services, all work just fine.