Was just wondering regarding the usb wireless adapters

I read through the list of the supported ones WD has listed, but I bought one that isnt on the list after reading one guy’s amazon review which he used the Airlink 101 AWLL6070. I bought the updated model: AirLink 101 AWLL6075 300Mbps 802.11n Wireless LAN USB 2.0 Mini Adapter. Do any of you use these? If so, what are your results? How do they handle HD streams?

Any other USB wireless adapters that arnt listed you have tried and have success with?

Or, is it best to use the ethernet cable?

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Ethernet is always going to be better - at least until wifi speeds catch up to wired speeds.

I would use one from the official list personally - most of them are quite affordable, and at least you know it works so if you can’t connect its likely to be something else wrong.

Make sure your using an “N” router for the best results. Also if the router is “Dual-band” make sure to select the N side of it, as both the N and the G will appear in your list.

Can anyone confirm if they got the Airlink 101  AWLL6075  to work with WDTV Live?  I got the same one and plugged it in and it did not detect it.  Although I have not upgraded firmware. 

Also, is it safe to upgrade to the latest firmware version yet?  I heard a firmware update bricked a ton of units.

I, too, purchased this adapter based on the misinformation that it worked with the WDTV Live. It does not.

I’ve attempted to roll my own custom firmware with the proper driver support, but have not had much luck as of yet.

I’d like to make formal request for RTL8191SU wireless chipset support.

I did purchase the Airlink 6075 and it is working okay for me.  I have other playback issues.  Wired speeds are slightly faster than my wireless speeds, but I don’t believe it is the cause of my issues.