Setup problem

ok im very new to wireless networking. heres what i have.

a gateway dx4300 pc.

an actiontec dsl modem for my internet.

im borrowing a linksys wrt54g wireless router.

my first question is this.

do  all usb wireless network cards have to be matched to the wireless router you have? for ex. d link router with model whatever dlink card? or can you use any card with any router?

second question is how to you get your wireless usb card to read from the wdtv live?

with my current equipment, bare in mind ive just been trying any usb cards, what is the best way to get a wireless internet connection to the wdtv live?

oh and yes i use windows 7 64 bit home premium

No, the USB adapter does not have to match with the BRAND of the router, but it DOES have to match the technology type.   In other words, if you have a 802.11g USB, you need a router that supports 802.11g, etc.  Most routers today support a mix of A, B, G, or N.

The make the WDTV Live wireless, you DO have to choose an APPROVED USB device to work with the WD.  They’re listed on the website, HERE.

ok so when i get an appropriate usb key, it should just be a simple plug into the wdtv live and it should read it? or is there extra steps that are needed to make it work? right now im using the belkin  f7d4101 v1. i dont see it on their list so im gonna have to take it back. prob end up having to order one online cause my local walmart doesnt seem to have any that are on that list.

Yes, it needs to be on the list.

As of TODAY, I would avoid the DLINK 160, since even though it’s on the list, several people are reporting that it does NOT work.

When you plug it in, assuming it’s compatible, then a new configuration option will appear in the network settings screen where you choose to configure Wired or Wireless.   When you select Wireless, you’ll be able to configure all the security and such.

thanks man. im gonna look through that list and see if i can find something on ebay.thanks again.