[SOLVED] My Cloud Home PCB burned! How to extract data out from HDD?

Sorry, there is no video.
Basically you just need to edit restsdk_public.py,
change the below data:

db=’/restsdk/data/db/index.db’ #where the file DB is stored example: /data/db/index.db
filedir=’/restsdk/data/files’ #where the files are stored example: /restsdk/data/files
dumpdir=’/location/to/dump/files/to’ #where you want the new files dumped example:/EXTERNAL/FILES

then run the python script
i think as long as u have those PATH right, it will copy and recover to “dumpdir”

Thanks. My question, and sorry … how can o run the script ? Wich commands I have to do on terminal on Linux ? (Ubuntu) ? This will make a copy where ? I decide where I want the copy changing the paths ?

help me pls.

Could you please help me check the script?
After I tried to run your script (python restsdk_public.py) I found some error as png files attached.
What’s wrong with this script?

use python3 instead of python to overcome that error


Thanks! Appreciate you pointing me in the right direction.

Hello i have same problem with wd my cloud 4tb disk function perfectly
but i have a problem with python script
when i modify path
run script python but exit this message:
RESTART: /Users/mariozottoli/Desktop/mycloud-restsdk-recovery-script-master/restsdk_public.py
Opening database…/rError opening database at /Desktop/index.db

can help me?

Conac2c have you then solved? I get the same error, if so how did you do it?