[Solved] Java / JDK on EX4

Hi all, Happy New Year!

Has any one succeeded in installing Java on the WD My Cloud EX4? If so, that could help me on my journey of installing SubSonic on my My Cloud Ex4…




I have never tried this. Lets see if any other user can share some experience on this topic.

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I managed to do it, however I didn’t test extensively yet.

I downloaded the Java SE Embedded package from Oracle, specifically “ARMv5 Linux - SoftFP ABI, Little Endian3”. I placed the archive the /shares/Public directory and created an opt directory right there. With tar xzf jre-file.gz -C ./opt I extracted the full contents of the archive.  

Java SE Embedded

This is basically it! You can now run one of the compact versions of java or simply go to /shares/Public/opt/ejdk/linux_arm_sflt/jre/bin and run java from there. 

I will explain how to run SubSonic like this in the other thread, about running subsonic on the box.

Running SubSonic on MyCloud EX4