Solid white LED when attempting to setup first time

I am attempting to setup the My Cloud home for the first time. I can see that my router recognizes My Cloud Home -and when I login to my account on my mobile phone I can reboot the my cloud home unit.

However, I have not been able to set it up - my PC does not see the My Cloud Home unit in the network, I cannot create a back up as the system doesn’t see it when I attempt to do that -

I have never seen the “blue” led light that is supposed to show it is setup and working.

I have attempted to reboot the unit - I restarted the router and then started over, attaching the My Cloud Home unit to the router then the power outlet - and so on.

NO GOOD SO FAR. does anyone have some simple (or difficult - LOL) steps I can follow to get this ■■■■ thing setup properly?

Your help is appreciated.


The My Cloud Home has the white light bar.
It’s doesn’t have a Blue LED (that’s the previous My Cloud product line)

Chances are, Windows Services are not started.