SMB Illegal characters

I am using an app on my android to backup all the files to my MyBook. The app encounters an error any time there are certain characters in the filename. I’m checking to see if there is anything I can change on the app with regards to how these files are handled, but is there anything I can do on the MyBook itself to try and remedy this?

Which certain characters?

The unsupported characters are \ / " : < > ; | * ?

Ah, those characters. I was expecting like latin / cyrillic characters.

That seems perfectly reasonable to me given that the files will be shared via a Windows Network Share (aka Samba / CIFS) and those are not valid file name characters on Windows Computers.

I would suggest compressing such files to a ZIP if possible before uploading. Then you can have fun/problems unzipping later but at least the files will be backed up.