Backup doesn't work for some filenames.... Linux users, watch out!


I tried out (have 2 mybook live with 3 TB each) the WD backup tool.

It uses windows style fileshares to do this: the receiving my book offers a windows (SAMBA in fact, it is linux) fileshare to the mybook wanting to backup.

consequently, windows filename restrictions are enforced.

names with for example characters like  "  :  / &nbsp; |  < > * % and more, will NOT be backed up.

see for more info here:

if you are like me a linux/Unix user, and want to backup your linux/Unix files,  you could use the sftp command to get your files on the boxes.

For syncing the two I use the  rsync command available on the mybook (requires you to use the command line, do not try if you do not know unix / linux )

You could also use filezilla or so, but that’s a little inefficient and does not work unattended…


thanks for the tip dude