Smartware will not see MyCloud 4TB drive

Hi folks,

There are two kinds of computer users. Those that have lost data and those that will. I currently back up to One Drive, a Seagate NAS, which is full, and a portable drive at the same time.

I just bought & installed a MyCloud 4 TB drive to replace the 2 TB Seagate NAS drive. I also have a WD Ultra Passport 2 TB drive. Smartware is seeing my Passport, but not the cloud drive. Am using Win 10 as the O/S.

Is there a way to get both recognized by the software at the same time?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Best regards, Bob

Almost forgot to say that I can see the cloud drive in the file manager under the network folder.

Hello there,

Make sure that you firewall or anti virus is not blocking the drive from showing up on the software, there should not be a problem with both drives appearing on the software.

Thanks for the reply, however I can see the drive under the network folder in file manager. What do you think about uninstalling Smartware and then reinstalling it? Would the software then discover both drives?

You could try that to see if it helps, and if you get the same results then i recommend checking your anti virus and firewall software.