SmartWare doesn't see MyCloud

I have a my cloud mirror and the Smart ware app does not recognize the drive as a backup target.  This is only a problem on my Windows 8.1 system.  I have a Vista system and a Mac that both work fine.  I am able to map a drive to the device but the WD discovery app and the Smartware app don’t see it.  Any ideas?  I have a dhcp reservation for the MyCloud so it always has the same IP.

It may be your network speed - I had this at the start due to a slow router combined with less than quick hardware/firmware for wifi on one particular laptop.

If the affected machine is on wifi, try plugging it in by wired ethernet connection to your router and see if the MCM is visible then. Or try connecting the MCM direct to the affected computers ethernet port and see if it appears then.

The other possibility is that something on the affected machine is blocking it seeing the MCM, for example firewall or anti-virus software. We have seen that also in the past before. Do the above tests first, and if it isn’t visible via cabled connection then try temporarily disabling your AV/firewall software and see if it appears.

Thanks for the input, I should have listed the other things that I’ve done.   I have a brand new linksys AC router.  The problem persists whether the laptop is wired or wireless.  I have disabled the FW and still have the problem.  Also note the same AV and FW management is installed on the vista machine that works.  All of the obvious network discovery options are also set correctly in Windows. 

I’ll try the direct connect tonight and post what happens tomorrow. 

Thanks again.