Smartware not see mycloud mirrior

I cant see mycloud mirror on smartware via my laptop. I can still assess mycloud using mycloud app as well as via the browser on the laptop, but not via WD smartware. My laptop is wirelessly connected to the network.

Please help.

Does it show up and connect if you connect your laptop via a wired (Ethernet cable) link?

It may just be that your link is too slow.

Alternatively if not then it could be a firewall or anti-virus issue on your laptop, if it’s blocking the wrong ports and stopping the communication that way between the MCM and Smartware.

my laptop is a surface, so it doesnt have the ethernet port. I can only connect to the network via wireless. Interestingly my desktop works fine, recognizing mycloud mirror perfectly.

Would still suspect either firewall blocking or WiFi speed in that case.