Smartware: Cannot select Folders for backup plan


after a HD crash I used my via smartware stored data to restore the files on the new harddrive F.Restoring worked smoothless and I am using the same file structure and Path as before. File and path structure are very important to me as this data is mainly my photo archive.

Now when I try to setup a new backup plan for the new Harddrive and try to select my photo archive folders the mouse clicks do not register. I cannot select any folder nor the harddrive F: for a new backup plan.  . C: works just fine.

I tried about everything that came to mind so far: reinstalling the software, erasing the Smartware config data, deleting& renaming the WD share used for the backup, renaming the harddrive Letter.

I am using windows 10, 64 bit, latest version of Smartware.

Thanks for any help


I recommend you contact WD support directly for assistance with this issue.

Contact WD