WD Smartware on Windows 10 64bit TR - cannot select folders to backUP


i have WD My Passport Ultra 2TB and WD SmartWare PRO ver 2.4.13. I recently upgraded from Win7 64bit Turkish to Win10 64bit Turkish(Clean Install with FORMAT). On Win7, i had no issues on BackUP or Data Retrieval. But now on Win10, the software successfully opens, i can see the classical layout (both MyPassport drive and dropbox accounts), but on BACKUP tab where i should click the folder checkboxes to backup, i am not able to make the selection for any folder seen on the folder tree. When i click on a checkbox, it just remains unchecked. So the backup cannot be realized. This occurs on folders in partition C where Windows is installed. I have two more partions(D and E) and when D or E is selected as the backup source, i can click and select the folders to backup successfully.

Everything except this behaviour seems OK. I can even backup data from D or E but no use for partition C since i cannot select any folder to backup.

Any ideas how to fix this??



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Do you encounter the same behavior when you run the software in compatibility mode for Windows 7 or Windows 8?

Hi Trancer,

Firstly thanks for your response on the subject.

I tried compatibility options on “C:/ Program Files / Western Digital / WD SmartWare / WDSmartWare.exe” for both Win7 and 8 but the behaviour was same. But coincidently, i realized that in the Settings (Options) tab of the smartware software, the retrieve folder was chosen as C:. Actually, i am the one who made this selection thinking that nothing could be affected due to this selection. C: is an ordinary location on harddrive i thought. Anyway, i tried changing this location somewhere other than C: and this selection fixed the error. Now i can back up data as usual.

Nevertheless, my computer was giving another error while booting with a blue screen and error code 0xc000000e. This error is told to be an MBR missing file or some kind of MBR(Master Boot Record) error. I guess that this error could arise from my above selection C: as the retrieve folder. I, now, do not expect seeing this blue screen error anymore, but time will show me if my proposal is true or false. If i do not see this error from now on, i will say that the error was due to this retrieve folder selection. Do you know any issues on this retrieve folder selection ? I wonder your comments on this.

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The location of the retrieve folder should not affect the system. It’s a data extraction process into a selected destination.

Indeed, i agree with you. But as soon as i changed this retrive folder location, the problem disappeared. I just cannot understand the relationship. Anyway, thanks for spending your valuable time on my problem. Best regards.


Problem: cannot check folder boxes to perform my first backup on windows 10 (win10).
Cause: unknown
Solution: select a Location other than c: Now I’m able to check folders to backup.

I was having the same issue. Then, I realized that the folder I was trying to select was the same I configured before as the recover folder. That’s why it wouldn’t let me. So, I went to the “Recover” tab, and changed the recovery location. It worked perfectly.

Hi Tankut. You just saved me hours of frustration! My WD MyCloud has not been backing up from C:Drive and it wouldn’t allow me to select any of the files in ‘Users’ to back up those folders manually. I’ve been searching for a solution for many hours with no success. Then I tried what you suggested and changed my selection for ‘retrieve’ from C: to E: and, hey presto, I could select the ‘User’ folders in C: and my PC is happily backing up. I’ve had this problem for 3 months since my C: drive crashed and I had t o do a retrieve.
I don’t ask why - just very happy to have a solution.
Many thanks for your post.

This helped a lot. I added a folder to my C:/users/ folder and named it C:/Users/Example/a_Retrieve Backup, I named with the a_ in front so it would show up at the top of the list and it let me back up to my C:/User/Example folder. Thanks for advice.