Cannot select some folders in WD SmartWare Pro Version 2.4.1

Some folders cannot be selected (the check mark disappears as soon as I click Apply Changes).

Windows 7.       2 internal drives C: and D:. 

WD SmartWare Pro Version 2.4.1  -  installed in C:.

File Backup mode.

Backup target is a MyBook 3TB drive.  File Backup mode.

Please help!

Hi, note that Smartware will exclude some specific folders. See if the link below helps.

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Thank you for your reply.

The link you provided applies to Category Backups, whereas my problem is with File Backups.

By following links within your link I did find an answer applying to File Backup, however it only applies to older versions of SmartWare. Essentially it says that 4-character extensions (Office 2007 files) are not accepted.

The current version of SmartWare does allow 4-character extensions, so that is not the problem.  I am still looking for a solution…

Hello.I’m having a similar problem with the newest version of SmartWare I’m trying to back up my files using File Backup (*also tryed category backup but it backup only a few system filles  and it stops) but a can’t select any folder.I’m trying to backup my files from drive D(selected as source) to my Passport Ultra(selected as target). A couple of days ago a have retrieve my files successfully from My Passport Ultra to drive D, and now a can’t back them again. I have uninstaled the version several time but with no luck. I think the problem is with the version.

Yesterday a have uninstall this version and install the version which is on my Passport ultra 2.2.0. and there the backup tab works.I’m having the registration problem with the yellow key on the top rigth side BUT at least a can backup my files.

Also the continuous backup option is unavailable and it doesn’t work.

Does anyone else have this kind of problem and how to solve it…???
I’m still wating for the newest version to fix this problem.