Smartware will not install. Reboot Pending detected

I could not find Smartware in the Category list.

I have been working on installing Smartware on my win 10 laptop for two weeks or more. Support folks have not been much help. Windows updates are uptodate. All of smartware and its components have been uninstalled. I have rebooted the laptop a zillion times. Have been up and down on the internet and community forums to find at least a clue. I have done what I could to the registry. Nothing, Nothing works. Support tells me it is a winows problem. The previous version of the software had no problem. But it is SmartWare that is throwing the error.

Have any of you had this issue? Please help

Error from SmartWare.
Reboot Pending has been detected. Reboot and retry the action.

There is a specific subforum for WD Software:

Where can I find the issue that I posted?

This is primarily a user to user support forum. There is at least one prior thread where someone had a similar problem with Smartware but there doesn’t appear to be much of a resolution:

Reboot what, I wonder… the error message isn’t clear whether it’s the PC that needs rebooting, or the MyCloud. Just a thought…