WD SmartWare Installer V. Endless Reboot detected

I recently removed my swartware because it was not operating correctly. When I went to reinstall the software I get a message that states “A reboot pending has been detected. Reboot and retry this action.”. I have repeatedly reboot my machine but continue to receive this message. I found this WD SmartWare Installer V. in the uninstall programs menu but when I try to remove this program I get the same message. I have all my Windows updates have been completed. Any help please. 

Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

I recommend trying to uninstall the software completely and erasing anything that has to do with the Smartware software. Then doing a clean install on the computer. 

I Would like to be able to uninstall the software but am greeted with the message that there is a reboot pending and that i should reboot and try again. There is no required reboot and rebooting doesn’t make this message go away. This is my problem.