WD Sync - Reboot pending, reboot and retry

Hello all,

Firstly, I have to say that setting up my “My Cloud” has been a pain.

I have had hang-ups, pauses, been unable to connect from home (the My Cloud is located in my office) - the list goes on. I have seriously wanted to throw this thing, and I am what one would consider an “advanced” technology user!

I have been trying to install “WD Sync” for two days now and all I get is the “reboot pending, reboot and retry” error. Well, I have rebooted and retried as suggested, and I still get the error.

Is there anyone that might be able to point me in the right direction with this?



Welcome to the Community.

What happens when you try to install WD Sync with a hard-wired connection in case you are running the process over WiFi?

I have had the same problem installing I don’t think this version plays well with win 10. Smartware support is blaming Microsoft. I talk to Microsoft they say they are not ware of any such issues. It is an application problem. I have been at it for almost 3 weeks now. Support is not helpful at all. At this point I want to throw this product out the window.

You don’t have to use WD software with the MyCloud; in fact, I’d recommend you don’t, as it’s not great.

My recommendation for both backup and sync would be FreeFileSync Guess what: it’s free, and it does file sync…

MyCloud is not my problem. It is SmartWare. I would would like to know what is causing the “Reboot Required” Error.

Yes, I understood.

I was (and still am) suggesting you give up trying to use the WD SmartWare software, and use something better to do you backups instead.

Something independent.
Something free.

Since Smartware failed I have been using Windows File History backup.
But that is getting around the problem. WD folks need to provide a solution to the problem. They have done a very poor job of testing version in differnt environments.

Good luck with that.

Do you know if I can use the MyCloud Device (mine is 2 TB drive) as a NAS drive on my network? Has anyone done this?

The single bay/single drive My Cloud units ARE network attached storage (NAS) devices. One doesn’t need to use any WD software to access and configure the My Cloud on the local network. A web browser and Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder is all that is needed.

Some of us don’t use WD sync for a number of reasons/issues. While WD Sync allows for remote syncing to a My Cloud it comes at the cost of a number of long running issues with the software. There are a number of third party programs that will sync, backup or mirror a computer to a My Cloud so long as one doesn’t need remote syncing/backup capability.

Free File Sync (http://freefilesync.com/) is one such program some of us use as a replacement/alternative for WD Sync.

If you haven’t read the My Cloud User Manual yet you should. It will give you the general idea how to use the My Cloud and its features/options. The User Manual and other general information/help on the My Cloud can be found at the following WD Support link:


I have been using File History Backup on my computer. But I have two computers and after going through the documentation for My Cloud, as you suggested I am going to set up File History backup for both. That seem simple enough
Questions I have:
Is it safe to delete the shares created by Smart Ware before I do this?
Is the direcotry Public that I see on it a default dir?
For each of the computers, then I can create a separate dir under Public for backup??
Lastly, is freefilesync better than File History

Thank you.


You can probably schedule a callback to answer these questions.