Since v04.01.03-421 no USB Drive in DLNA

Hello, first off all; sorry for my worst english…

I’ve got the 4 TB Mycloud, and after updating the FW to v04.01.03-421  my 3 external USB drives (with active hub) are no longer visible on my TV !  Only the public folder ist visible.

The dashboard shows the drives correct, also the media serving for all of these drives is active, an under  wdmycloud:9000/  the twonkey  shows also correctly the drives under setup / sharing folders. But under twonkey / my library is  again anly the public folder.

What can I do?  Is there a simple way for downgrading?  Anybody any idea, how to get back my drives visible?

Thanks all

What about other Shares? Are they affected as well?

Other share are fine, now I tried this:

and receive    USB: interner Serverfehler. (400255)      (internal server error)

I had the same problem on earlier V4 firmwares .no matter what I did Twonky would not see my 3 USB drives the only way to use them was to allow public access and use network shares.
This was not acceptable so I downgraded to V3 firmware and everything works as it should it is about time WD sorted out the fiasco with firmware upgrades making the device unusable fo people who are only trying to use it in ways suggested by the marketing hype.I do not try to add functionality by installing extra programs or modifying scripts just trying to do what it says on the box if it wasn’t for the advice on this forum it would have been binned months ago

Thanks to PVS0705  - only DOWNGRADE ist the solution.

WD: A real shame!