Show files My Book Live Duo on iPad

Would be great if anyone could help me with the following basic issue. Thanks in advance.

My father tries to view his files via his My Book Live Duo on his iPad at home. This works perfectly fine with respect to photos (via the WD Photos app), but he isn’t able to see other files (e.g. PDF, doc). What is the most convenient solution for viewing these type of files on an iPad? Is there an app that covers all file types?


Have you tried to install WD MyCloud app?

The MyCloud app is dead. The online version doesn’t remember me now & I can’t creat a new login with the same email - existing lol. The WD Photos app is gone from the Apple App Store. And the unit is NOT accessible, all status is normal and received one notification in last year regarding the unit restarting.

I think the better question is, what can I do with this thing now? What apps/mods can I use to access this with normalcy?