IOS devices will not show file or folder on WD my duo live

So I have made a ticket with WD for this problem but wanted to see if anyone else had or seen or solved this problem.

This is a My Book Duo Live

Hello Support,

Product Serial: WUZ224904573

I just bought a new WD NAS for my home and I already had one before. So now I have 2x (6TB my live duo NAS) at my home.

I wanted to rename my first NAS as it was just called “MYBOOKLIVEDUO” to “ianmedianas1”.

I did this and restarted the NAS and I could not get anything to work, either on PC or Android or Ipod or Ipad. even with the correct paths set. Nothing was working.

I changed it back to the default name again “MYBOOKLIVEDUO”, the Computer and my Android (Cellphone and Nexus) could connect again no problem.

But my Ipad 2 and Ipod 5g. Will not connect at all anymore. I have done some trouble shooting and I am out of idea’s.

Ipad 2 and Ipod:
1.Removed the accounts on the WD2go app and re-added them. Would not connect.
2. Got the Second NAS up and running, was able to add to the account, but trying to access the folder and files it shows its empty.
3. removed the accounts again from the WD2go app. Deleted the App on the Dashboard of the IOS devices, restarted the devices. Restarted the NAS. Re-downloaded the WD2go app from the apple store, re-added the account in the app. Saw the NAS and connected to it. clicked on the NAS and Blank no files or folders show up.

What else can I do. From the looks of it. My androids are able to authenticate with the NAS. But looks like the IOS devices are not.

I have also removed them on the Remote devices on the NAS it self and gave them new codes and still nothing.

I really do need this to be fixed. Let me know of any other troubleshooting advice I can do.

Ian Cooper

So just a little update.

Still very unsuccessful. Because I have 2x of the 6TB My duo lives. I though I could change out the hard drives between them and see if that could help. Did not do the trick. Found out if you move the drives from 1 NAS to another NAS. The configue goes with it.

So at the moment as I need it to be working for Christmas, I am copying everything to my new NAS (1.7TB of stuff from old).

Because I tested with the old one, still could not get a single folder to show up again on the IOS Devices. But on the New NAS Everything shows up. Public folder and shared folder I have made my self.

I did not re-build the data. Because the data isn’t the problem its something with in the NAS configuration.

Will do a Factory restore and hope this will fix my problem when time comes to needed it.

Only way I was able to get access for the IOS devices again was a (quick factory restore)

Warning for those not sure this will delete your current content, and you will have to rebuild the Raid 1 if you have it set that way.

After factory restore, problem was fixed.