My Book Live Duo and WD Photo

Hello, I have installed the WD My Book Live Duo and want to make use of WD Photo. However it doesn’t show even a small part of all photo’s available on iPad and iPhone I tried re installation of WD Photo, rebuilding index, switching off and on of remote access, nothong seem to work! Is there a solution or is this just a bad APP?? Some one some new ideas how to see ALL my photo’s (15000+) on my iPad and iPhone?? Richard

how many photos do you have in a folder?  you might check wd’s knowledge base for any file quantity limitations per folder.

I tried everything, now it shows some directories with >100 or even>300 photo’s but also some directories with 0 photos. I have little less then 50 directories on my book live duo 4TB and WD Photo only shows 6 directories. I followed al sugestions in thie forum but sofar nothing worked. I use also an iPad 2 and iPhone 4gs. What to do next to get this to work! Richard