Folders not loading to WD apps


I have a WD My Book Live 2TB.  It contains a copy of approximately 20,000 photos. Our libraray is setup in folders (all in the shared photo folder) primarily by Year and a number of miscelleanous others.  Probably 20+ folders. 

When utilizing Apple WD Photo on Ipads and multiple Iphones - only a handful of the folders are available.  The rest are not visibile. 

I have reset the thumbnail cache a few different times without any change.

Is there a limit to the number of folders?   Should I reformat the drive and try again?  Any tricks you could share?

*Edit - I can see all the folders and the pictures using the WD 2go.


Try the suggestions provided on the following article:

WD Photos does not display all the photos on a My Book Live, My Book Live Duo, My Book World, or WD ShareSpace