Should USB connection work?

We’ve had changes to our personal computing situation so using our MyCloud NAS via our wireless network is a little tricky (for instance, can’t access easily via work computer). The drive has a USB port though (SS / USB 3.0). Should I be able to connect this drive via a usb cable to our computer? I have tried on both a Dell Chromebook and Lenovo laptop and neither has recognized the drive.

Not sure what more to explain, but yes, the NAS is plugged in. The light is blinking white / orange. And it is not currently connected to our network.


Generally the My Cloud USB port does not work as an external hard drive when connected to a computer’s USB port.

The My Cloud USB port is for attaching external USB hard drives only to expand storage space and create backup locations.

The My Cloud is network attached storage device there for to communicate with the device you typically have to connect the My Cloud network port. One could try to connect the My Cloud networking port to their computer’s networking port but additional configuration of that computer’s configuration port may be needed to grant access to the local network using a second network/wireless card on that computer.

It is best to troubleshoot the local network problems first and upgrade local network equipment if needed.