Using MyCloud as HDD

It doesnt recognize when i connect MyCloud 4TB device to Smart TV via USBCable. Is it possible to use MyCloud as a simple external hard drive (or USBStick) ?


The MyCloud is a NAS (essentially, a small computer system), and the USB port is a host port, intended to drive external HDD slaves (just like the USB ports on your PC).

I would STRONGLY suggest you read the WD My Cloud User Manual to understand the various options and features of the My Cloud. The My Cloud IS NOT an external USB hard drive. It is a network attached storage device with remote access capability. The USB port on the My Cloud is a “Host” port, not a “device” or “client” port like a traditional external USB drive. The My Cloud is designed to be connected to your local network via an Ethernet wire to your local network’s router, gateway, hub, or switch. Once connected your Start TV, if it supports DLNA, should be able to access any media content you store on the My Cloud. Again, read the My Cloud User Manual for more information on how to setup and configure the My Cloud.