Can use MyCloud as a direct Media player without going over network?

Basically my question here is,
Can this be used like a traditional external hard drive?
Is it possible to connect the WD MyCLoud directly to a media player (that cant connect to network) to then play the media files on to a tv? (with no smart features)

i have tried a few times, got it hooked up through USB, but the media play just seems to not reconise the hard drive.
Just gives off a white solid light or blinking white, not the solid blue light when its hocked up through wifi.

The My Cloud is made to work through the RJ-45 port into a router or switch (which is connected to a router). The USB 3 port is for an external device attached to the My Cloud. (such as “Expanded Storage” using a USB HDD or memory stick).

Read the user manual will explain the functionality of the USB port

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thanks for the answer, that explains alot,

so by that answer sounds like you confirmed it is not at all possible to use this device as a traditional hard drive or even possible to to hook it up to a media player that is without networking functionality

Correct; you cannot use it with a media player that does not have a network connection (wired or WiFi).

The MyCloud is a Network Attached Storage device (NAS).
It is not an external USB HDD.
All access is via the Ethernet port, using file server and media server protocols.
The USB port is a USB master port, for expansion purposes, just like on a PC (a NAS is a computer too).

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