Sharing through link not working for some


I’m using a brand new, My Cloud EX2 Ultra 20TB

I bought this primarily so I could store large video files, and others could access them remotely.

I put video files on a Share, and then Share the folder to generate a link so others can view/download them. This is on the files.mycloud web portal.

The problem is some people can access and some get perpetual loading.
UK and Australia people could access, but America, Germany and Switzerland people could not. For them, it just said “Loading” - they were all using the same link.

Any help appreciated, this was a very expensive piece of storage for me, and it’s not able to do what it said it could. I posted about this a month ago and got no response. There was an ongoing “disruption” at the time so I hoped that was it, but having tried again today, still no luck.

@darrenmacnally You are in the My Cloud sub-forum. Go back to WD Community and look under NAS for your device and sub-forum.

I am using the MyCloud website to share though, so I assumed it was fine to post here as I don’t believe it’s device specific but rather an access issue.

@darrenmacnally Good, I own WD My Clouds, 1st and 2nd generation, not what you own. I don’t know for sure how your device works and unless I buy one I don’t plan on trying to learn them.

If all devices work the same, why have different sub-forums for them?

Because you are trying to share video files I assume those files are probably very large. When it comes to remote access there are a number of factors that can pact how quickly a file is downloaded. Typically when sharing certain files remotely one has to download the entire file before they can play/open it. Because of this the upload and download speed at each end of the connection will play into how quickly the file can be downloaded. The other issue is that what browser plug-in’s one has enabled on their web browser can affect files they are attempting to access and download. In some cases the browser itself may be the potential bottle neck and one should test out alternate web browsers to see if one is better than another. In certain cases the WD mobile apps will work better than using the web portal interface.

It should also be noted that the My Cloud Desktop application that was often used for remote access is no longer supported and often no longer works with My Cloud units running the latest firmware.

My Cloud Desktop App No Longer Works with a My Cloud or Login Not Authorized

It should also be noted that since the multi bay My Cloud models offer additional methods of remote access (SFTP, WebDAV, etc.) one may want to investigate those options to see if the their remote users will have better access to the device.