Sharing links aren't working


Perhaps it’s not a function out of the box, but I’m trying to share a link to one of my files in MCM using WD My Cloud App (in Windows 7) and it is not working at all.

I get a link like'many numbers’

But if I paste it in the browser I just get an error like: can’t be found”

If I enter to my device is registered in My WD devices

What’s wrong? Do I have to open a case at WD support?

Thank you

Hello and welcome to the WD community.

Does the same thing happen if you click on the link, instead of pasting it on your browser? If it does then try to disable remote access from the dashboard and then reboot the drive, then when the unit is rebooted enable remote access and try to use the links to see if they work.


I have realised that I have 2 users. Sorry, that’s why I haven’t introduced first

I have checked that if I get the sharing link from my android app it works, although I get a security warning about the certificate.

Both, user_id and auth_code are different. I wonder why.

I’ll check this afternoon with some other file from my desktop app or my android app

Thank you ArMak