"Shared With Me"

I am using the wdmycloud.com to log in to my device. How do I share a file to a friend of mine who also has a wd my cloud.

I created the link and send it to his email address (the same email address he uses to log in to his wdmycloud account)

When he selects the Shared > Shared with me option…it says “No one is sharing anything with you right now”

How does the file I am sharing appear under his account?

He or she should have received the link in the email you sent, they click on that link and it should take them to the file.


Thanks for reply.

Yeah he can see the content and that is fine… but there is a feature on the web version of wd my cloud that says “Shared With Me”

I would have assumed that if I have sent him a link, that the link will also stay in the “shared with me” section, rather than him just referring back to the link i sent him, each time he needs to access it.

Are you both on the same network and WD My Cloud, if not have him right click on the file or document and see if he can, save as?

no, we are on different networks and we both have our own seperate wd my clouds.

When i send him a link, the only option he seems to have on a right click is “download”

That should work if he wants to place it on his own My Cloud or computer. That would solve the problem of going back to the email link every time

I would have thought that if he downloads it, it will save to his computer ONLY

I guess what I am asking is, what is the Shared > Share with Me option for in wdmycloud.com

Surely if the option is there, then there must be someway to use it.

The option underneath it “Shared with Others” works fine and shows any link that i have sent out to others.

How many Users do you have on your My Cloud. The following is from the User Manual.

  1. Sharing Your Files Remotely You can easily share files remotely with a family member or friend. When the user is created, an email is sent that provides a link to MyCloud.com and some instructions. The user creates a password and logs in. Only the shares to which the user has access and the Public share display. If the person is not already a user of the My Cloud device, create a new user, including a password and email address (see “Creating a User” on page 42).

You can make this person a User on your My Cloud or they can make you a User on thiers. That way you should be able to share.

I actually have 3 users on my own account and as a test earlier, i shared a file from my admin account, to another user login from my wd my cloud but even still, i could not see how i could add files to the “Share with me” section…

Ok i got it working.

The files i was testing with were all public links.

I changed it to private and the “Shared With Me” option then works.

Thanks for your help today mate.