Sharing a folder with friends?

Hello folks,

What is the best way to share access to a single folder with friends (for music files) without them being able to access my own photos etc…


If you haven’t done so already, see the My Cloud User Manual ( for more information on how to share content. In particular see Chapter 8 Accessing Your My Cloud Device Remotely.

One can configure a Share for Private access then assign a User to that Share. See the My Cloud User Manual or the My Cloud Dashboard Help for more information on Users and Shares.

You can send links to folders using the web portal or the WD My Cloud mobile apps or Desktop software.

I get the sharing part (although I am finding this a bit convoluted).
All my content seems to be by default stored in the public folder. Does this not mean it will be visible to my friends if I give them access?

You can put your content into Shares that you create then disable Public access to that Share. The My Cloud User Manual explains how to create Shares and how to disable Public access to them.