Sharing folder with a friend

Hello I have recently bought a WD My Cloud Home

Desktop wise:
I have a folder path where I can access all my files which is great

I have also invited a friend to join the device and as expected when he tries to access his folder he can see the Family folder.

Now. I wanted to share with him one particular fodler that I have. I click create link and send it to him and he can access the folder but he can only do that on the internet. I wanted him to have the folder I just shared linked to his account so he could see it in “his” account’s folder.

If I am not making myself clear, imagine dropbox. Where I can share a particular folder and that folder will appear as a joint folder.

Also, with My cloud home is it possible to put a different password in every folder and create a log of who enters the folders?

Cheers and thank you for taking the time to read all this

The only folder that is accessible by other users is the family folder. the my cloud home is not a traditional NAS and you cannot give access to folders you create in your private user space with other users.

Thank you very much about your reply