Sharespace is not working any more after upgrade to 8TB


I got a 4TB ShareSpace last week and directly ugraded it with 4 2TB WD Caviar Green HD´s. After I replugged the ShareSpace to my network the Computer (iMac) couldn’t´t see it any more. Additional the power LED and the HD LED´s are flashing. What have I done wrong?

Thanks in advance for your support and best regards from Germany


The drives OS is software on the drive, because you fitted new you dont have an OS - so the box can’t boot.  I dont know how you would fix this, perhaps replace Drive One, prep the drive then once all drives are working, remove drive 1 and replace with the 2TB, then re-build array if it boots.

Let me know it it worked

I think it’s the most stupidest thing ever for them to put it on the drives, it should have been placed on a 16gig memory chip or something on the board, or there should at least be some emergency format function on the board.

Effin Lame!

At least provide a CD for us to run that would format/craft the HD in the manner of which we need.

The LEDs where flashing coz it rebuilds the RAID settings of your new HDDs it can take upto 30-40 hours in your case 8TB 

leave it untouchable till the flashing goes, and then you will have access to it via DHCP

you can see the device on network by windows 7/vista client then right click and choose “device webpage”

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