Help, Sharespace Upgrade to 8TB issue, all four HDD lights LEDs flashing Green

Hi guys,

Ive got a sharespace that used to have a 1TB, 1TB and 1.5TB hard drive installed, with one bay empty, in spanning mode, so I had 3.5TB of space.

Ive since purchased 4 x 2TB WD HDD’s and installed them, looking to raid 5.

I had to use one of the new drives to shuffle data around.

So, I put all the new drives in and one showed a yellow LED on the front, it was the one that had data on it. I took it out, gave it a ‘quick format’, deleted the partition from disk manager, and put it back it.

Now, the sharespace has been on for over 24 hours, and the power light is off, the network light is flickering green, and all four hard drive lights are flashing green in sync… The hard drives are working and spinning, I can hear them, but they aren’t doing alot, it makes more noise when copying a file off.

I cant access it on the web manager either, or ping it.

Is all of the four HDD lights flashing the right thing that I should be seeing?

If not, what should i do?



ok so i figured it out… for those interested…

all flashing green is GOOD
it meant RAID is building!!!

I looked at my routers web interface and went through the list of everything connected… and theres alot in my house

The i.p address has changed since I put the new hdd’s in and voila! I went to the right i.p address and im greeted with a progress bar

‘> Building RAID … (66%, Estimated Time: 890.3min)’

Keep in mind… it’s already been running for 27 hours… oh well at least its the only time i’ll have to do it…