Drive Status LEDs all flashing green in synch

I’ve recently aqured a 4 TB unit, upgraded it to the 2.2.91 firmware, and yes, I have slow data transfer rates.

About once a day, the data rate slows even further, and I find the drive status lights all flashing green in synch.  Drive statuses on the web interface report as OK, but the web interface is generally very slow and logon can be very difficult in this mode.  Once I reboot the unit, the LED status lights go back to solid on or flashing randomly during writes.

Anybody seen this issue and have any suggestions?

What raid configurating is it setup as?

Gave up on the unit for this behavior and the unacceptable slowness.  Sent it back to for full refund and posted a review that says to check the support forums before you buy this unit.

Have a server now…