WD ShareSpace 8TB - Lights are blinking Green - Cannot Rest - Cannot access drive via WD Discovery

I just bought an 8TB WD ShareSpace NAS box.  While I was setting it up, havint it directly connected to my computer, it crashed my computer giving me a blue screen of death (BSOD).  I couldn’t start the computer without getting the BSOD.  So I hooked it up to my netbook and was able to get access to it.  I decided to restore the hard drive to its original status and after the count down ended to star the process… the computer lost connectivity to the drive.  Now the power button lights and the HD lights are blinking green (and won’t stop).  Holding down the reset button does nothing.  AND I can’t access the drive through WD Discovery or Windows Explorer.

I need help with this issue ASAP.  I’m moving out the country and this drive is/was going to be my backup method for my desktops.  I have about 3 days to fix this problem.  


I threw my hands up… I’m 3 days away from moving.  Couldn’t wait to fix it.  Returned it to the store.

Sorry, nobody was able to help you, but you probably did the right thing for now.