Can't Access to my SHarespace

My sharespace 8T gave me degraded, so i cleaned the hard disk and rebooted the system.
after that i couldn’t access my sharespace neither by ssh nor web link.
please note that i can ping to it successfully.

the power button led is flashing since 2 days and i don’t know what to do with it.

please help me. I have important data and all file services in my company stopped from working.

thanks a lot

What kind of RAID is it? The SS can take even as much as 48 hours in rebuilding a RAID 5. If you need the data so much the try the Fedore Core 14 Live CD so you can take it out.

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I use RAID 5.

even if it rebuild the RAID, how i can’t login to ssh nor web.

can you please tell me how to use Fedora Live CD to see the data.

i did n’t find and document procesure in WD Support for that.

thanks a lot

I had done a HowTo for using an Ubuntu Live CD.  I would imagine it would be similar for Fedora.  This is if you are trying to rebuild a raid 5 using the four drives from the sharespace and connecting them to another machine in order to extract the data.

Here is a link to the Howto:

Good luck!


thanks a lot for reply.

i still can’t access my sharespace niether by web nor ssh, even it was working for more than 48 hrs.

and as i have noticed onlt the power led is blinking, the other leds of hard disk are green without any blink…

thanks a lot;

is there any solution, i still can’t login to my sharespace. its running since 4 days with blinking the power led. and no way to log into it.

Did you update the firmware during your process?  What you are describing has happened to a lot of people and it was the result of a firmware update going bad.  After the update, the ssh and http server daemons do not start when the machine is booted and therefore leaves it useless.

If this is the case, the only way that I know of to get your unit working again is a complete factory restore.  If you have data on the drives that you need to recover, I suggest you use my howto tutorial to try and get the data.  Once the data is safely retrieved you will need to reformat the unit.  I achieved this by reformatting all of the drives on my temporary linux machine then plugging them back into the ShareSpace.  Once you start up with blank drives the unit rebuilds itself completely and then all should be back to normal.

Good luck!