4Tb Sharespace no longer visible to the network

After a power failure my 4Tb Sharespace was/is no longer visible to the network.  An examination of the front panel  shows the four ‘green’ drive indicators along with a ‘green’ LAN indicator that flickers on occasion, the power button in not green and the other indicators are all dark.  The LAN connection at the back of the unit has one green and one amber indicator.  Pressing the power button has not effect as dose pressing the reset button on the back (regardless of the amount of time either button is held depressed).  The only way to power off the unit is to pull the power, after doing this and leaving the unit off for 1 to 10 minutes reapplying the power result in the same condition.  Has anyone got any ideas on how to fix this?

Hi there, are you able to ping it or to see its MAC address on your router? o.o

What kind of RAID do you have? If it’s a 5 or a 1 you can take one drive out, zero it and put it back to the case to see if you can get it think it’s a new drive.

Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I cannot ping the IP address and router does not see the MAC address of the unit. The box is configured as RAID 5 - however I do not understand what you mean by ‘zero it’ in regards to removing a drive and placing it back in the box, are you referring the zero-fill method for erasing data from the hard drive or some other process?

I got the same problem with WD Sharespace, new 4TB one.

After upgrade the firmware, it ran well, then I rebuilt the RAID 5 but I shutdown it (from web) during rebuild progress. The shutdown is ok.

However, after I restart it, it got the same problem like zz427.

Does anyone know how to fix, pls help? if not I will send to provider for warranty.


After I connected all HDDs to external box, and formatted with windows, now it’s booting…

Luckily I don’t have data to loss because this WD is new one.