Can't access to my WD sharespace


I can’t access to my wd sharespace 8T (RAID 5). it is the result of a firmware update going bad. I try to update firmeware to newest and it’s on from 24 hours and nothing happen. I still can’t access to the date. The storage don’t answer on pings, there is no web access.  All leds are green (don’t blinking). And I think is it possible to put these hard drives to other - the same model (bad old firmware) wd sharespace - can I access to the data then without breaking that wd box of course??

Well you can take some of the drives but not all of them

removing all the drives will brake the RAID and you will have to rebuild 

When my ShareSpace took a bad update, I had the same as you.  I had to RMA the device. This ‘Firmware’ is really just a linux install, you can’t recover form a corrupt OS.  Chances are if you re-boot it you will be left with a brick and you will end up down the RMA route.